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Honeywell YOUJIE HH360
Honeywell YOUJIE HH360
Honeywell YOUJIE HH360
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Honeywell YOUJIE HH360
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Barcode Scanner  
เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด เครื่องสแกนบาร์โค้ด

Features :

- Superior Hand-held Scanning Performance: Increases throughput with intuitive hand-held scanning performance

- Comfort, Ergonomic Design: Ensures operator comfort and productivity with a gun-shaped form factor optimized for intensive hand-held scanning

- Class-Leading Reliability: Increases up time and reduces additional service costs with a reliable design that utilizes no moving parts and full impact resistant bumpers

- The Latest 1D Imaging Scan Engine: Enables long distance and high speed scanning with a superior linear decoding software

- Scan Pattern: Single line 

- Scan Speed: 300 scans/s 

- Minimum Width: 3.5 mil

- Interface: USB, RS232, KBW

*รับประกัน 1 ปี
Price Ex Vat :
3,800.00 บาท