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หน้าจอแสดงผลลูกค้า ( Customer / Pole Display )
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Customer Display / Pole Display

POSIFLEX Customer Display PD-2800-USB 

POSIFLEX Customer Display PD-2800-USB 

Pole display VFD 2*20 char. 9mm,USB interface (virtual COM port), adjustable pole height,USB cable directly connect to
USB port
PD-2800 / PD-320
The PD-2800/320 is a standalone pole mount customer display designed for discrete POS applications. It delivered in separate carton for HT / PB / KS / TP / FT / XP series.

Product Features

PD-2800 is a bright two-line VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) display with 20 characters per line and combines with green or blue filter.

PD-320 is a two-line LCD display with 20 characters per line
Stand along customer pole display for Posiflex POS terminals.
Easy-to-read large characters (9.03 mm ? 5.25 mm for PD-2800, 6.0 mm ? 9.6 mm for PD-320).
Long life and trouble free design.

Various command emulation modes selectable by DIP switch.
Support 12 Code Pages of 128 characters each on PD-2800.
Support 12 international character sets of 12 characters each on PD-2800.
USB interface with RS-232 emulation for numerous applications without modify the software.
UPOS 1.8 and is WEPOS ready supported.

Euro dollar sign supported in USA/European font table.
Selectable command emulation modes including PST and EPSON command emulation modes for PD-320.

Composed of several members in the family for versatile applications as tabulated below.
Dimensions: 199 mm (W) x 120 mm (D) x 260 mm (H)
Weight: 0.52 Kg


 MODEL  PD-2800  PD-320
 Number of digits  20 digits/row, 2 rows  
 Dot matrix  5 X 7 dots 
 Digit height  9.03 mm  9.66 mm
 Digit width  5.25 mm  6.0 mm
 Display color  Blue or Green  Dark Blue character 
 with yellow background
 Total Height  395~265 mm 
 Total Width  200 mm 
 Total Depth  116 mm 
 Display Head Height  58.5 mm 
 Display Head Width  200 mm 
 Display Head Depth  56.5 mm 
 Case color  Black or Ivory 

** The product information and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 

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