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CIPHERLAB 8000 Series
CIPHERLAB 8000 Series
CIPHERLAB 8000 Series
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CIPHERLAB 8000 Series
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Pocket Sized Mobile Computer
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Pocket sized Mobile Computer 

Mobile Computer CIPHERLAB 8000 Series

8000 series Pocket-size Mobile Computers 

Make quick work of dispensing tickets, order pickup and route accounting with the 8000 pocket-size computer.

Scan and batch upload in fast, easy steps to speed product ordering and inventory management.

Streamline many operations, like shelf labeling.

The 8000 and 8001 are small and light enough to keep with you all day long, inconspicuously tucked out of the way in a pocket, yet ready to go to work in an instant.

Choose the 8000 with replaceable AAA batteries or the 8001 with a rechargeable battery.

Product Specifications
Coverage (Line of sight)

  30cm /12in.

CPU|  16-bit
Program Memory|  2MB Flash
Data Memory|  2MB SRAM
Main Battery|  2 x AAA alkaline
Backup battery|  Rechargeable lithium 3.0v, 7.0mAh
Working time|  100 hours
Data Retention|  30 days
Optical Sensor|  Linear Imager/Laser
Display|  LCD 100 x 64 with LED backlight
Keypad|  21 rubber keys with white LED backlight
Dimension|  122(L) x 56(W) x 23(H)mm
Weight|  123g

  CipherLab Power Suite FORGE Application
  Generator including data transmission OCX,
  STREAM Wireless Studio, MIRROR Terminal
  Emulation, BLAZE C Compiler and BASIC

  Dual-color LED, vibrator, volume-
  programmable beeper.

*รับประกัน 1 ปี

Price Ex Vat :
15,900.00 บาท