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Fujitsu ftp 628
Fujitsu ftp 628
Fujitsu ftp 628
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Fujitsu ftp 628
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เครื่องพิมพ์แบบพกพา ( Mobile Thermal Printers )
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Fujitsu ftp- 628 โมบายปริ๊นเตอร์ 

Mobile Thermal Printers 

With years of experience, Fujitsu Components has developed a small and user friendly mobile printer. This mobile printer is able to function with a wide range of operating platforms such as Android, Windows and Blackberry. The mobile printer range has recently been extended with a mobile printer optimized for iOS, making the printer suitable to be used in combination with Apple devices. The Fujitsu mobile printer has been designed for easy one-hand operation in combination with the paper drop-in system, its resistance against splash water and its 1,5m dropping resistance make the mobile printer a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor solutions.

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12,000.00 บาท